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Blue Star

TH 901

Thermostatic shower mixer set

Product dimensions:

A = 850-1296 | B = 292 | D = 254

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The Blue Star Torino series thermostatic shower mixer set has got a high-quality and long-lasting chrome finish. The thermostatic shower mixer has got a ceramic shower switch. Handshower is trifunctional. Silicone spray nozzles for the headshower and the handshower prevent the formation of limescale and ensure even water flow for a long time. The headshower and the handshower are easy to maintain, and the limescale can be removed by pulling it over the silicone surface with your finger. The set includes a high-quality (rubber material) shower hose that is easy to maintain. It is high temperature resistant and has got long service life. The shower hose has got a freely rotating shower hose nozzle.

The product has a 5-year* warranty when used in the private sector or in commercial and public premises. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase. When submitting a warranty claim, the purchase must be well documented.

* Subject to the general warranty conditions of Blue Star.

Recommended retail price (VAT inc): 426.00

Recommended retail price


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