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Blue Star

Warranty terms

Blue Star mixer taps

Thank you for purchasing our high quality Blue Star mixer tap!

All Blue Star mixer taps have been manufactured in accordance with applicable standards, including the European Standard EN817:2008. These warranty terms and conditions are applicable to mixer taps and faucet sets manufactured with BLUE STAR’s original parts and cover manufacturing and material defects. The validity area of the warranty is the European Union.

Warranty period 5 years

WARRANTY PERIOD – 5 YEARS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE includes the faucet set, excluding the faucet aerator that is sold as a spare part in stores selling Blue Star products. N.B. As an exception, a warranty of 3 YEARS FROM PURCHASING to the surface finish of products in black matte finish. Purchase receipt indicating the date of purchase certifies the warranty. Defective product or part thereof is exchanged for a new one, provided that the defects is not caused by:

  1. incorrect installation by the buyer;
  2. high temperature (+65 °C or higher).
  3. impurity of water;
  4. high temperature (+65 °C or higher).

In case of defects, please contact the store who sold you the mixer tap before dismantling it.

Importer/provider of sales warranty: 
Dreesis OÜ, Laki 16-407, 10621 Tallinn, Estonia
Email:; tel: +372 6 177 202