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Blue Star

Mounting and maintanace information


We recommend that INSTALLATION is carried out by a qualified expert.

For installation you need:

  • Washbasin and kitchen faucet supplied with rv. by means of connecting hoses.
  • Eccentrics supplied with the bathtub or shower faucet set.
NB! The prerequisite for warranty given to the mixer taps is the existence of dirt filters, and it is also recommended to install water filters in order to extend the serviceable life of the mixer tap.

MAINTENANCE of the mixer tap. The maintenance of all Blue Star mixer taps can be carried out without dismantling them.

  • Regular external cleaning with a soft cloth and liquid cleaning agents;
  • At least once a year clean the spray nozzle of the water pipe (remove the aerator, clean it and screw it back on).
Attention! Do not use abrasive scouring agents for cleaning.
Attention! Impurities in the water may cause the faucet cartridge to malfunction, characterised by dripping when the mixer tap is in a closed position. This does not constitute a warranty repair. A solution here is to replace the faucet cartridge with a new one.
Faucet cartridges are sold as spare parts in stores selling Blue Star products.

To replace the cartridge in both a push button faucet and level faucet proceed as follows: Attention! Turn off the water supply.

1. Mixer tap with buttons

  • Remove the button cover indicating hot and cold water with a sharp object.
  • Unscrew the button screw and remove the button.
  • Unscrew the cartridge with a monkey wrench and replace the cartridge.
  • Install the button, screw it tight and put back the button cover.

2. Mixer tap with a lever

  • Remove the hot and cold water marker.
  • Unscrew the screw fixing the handle (use an Allen key) and remove the handle.
  • Remove the decorative ring of the mixer tap.
  • Unscrew the cartridge nut using a monkey wrench and remove the cartridge.
  • Install a new cartridge.
  • Screw in the cartridge nut, put back the decorative ring and handle.
  • Screw in the screw fixing the handle and put back the hot and cold water marker.

If any questions should arise when using the Blue Star products, please contact the store who sold you the mixer tap.

Importer/provider of sales warranty:
Dreesis OÜ, Laki 16-407, 10621 Tallinn, Estonia
Email:; tel: +372 6 177 202