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Blue Star

TO 640I

Torino high rise kitchen mixer, inox/black

Product dimensions:

A = 465 | C = 221 | E = 237

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The Blue Star Torino series premium high rise kitchen mixer with a swivel spout, and its pullout shower adds usability. The mixer has got a high-quality and long-lasting inox finish and innovative black silicone pipe. The mixer has got the Blue Star Special ceramic cartridge. The Blue Star XXL comfort zone, i.e. the height of the spout from the basin level is 237 mm.

The product has a 5-year* warranty when used in the private sector or in commercial and public premises. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase. When submitting a warranty claim, the purchase must be well documented.

* Subject to the general warranty conditions of Blue Star.

Recommended retail price (VAT inc): 161.00 119.00


161.00 119.00


Recommended retail price


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